Freedom's Heritage Forum

Freedom's Heritage Forum is a Political Action Committee founded
for the purpose of supporting conservative candidates for local, state, and national office.


Kentucky General Election is Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

The race for President is on the 2020 ballot.

About us:
Core Values
Pro-Life (Belief in the Sanctity of all Life from the Unborn to the Elderly)
Pro-Traditional Marriage (Belief in God's Precepts that a Marriage is between One Man and One Woman)
Pro-2nd Amendment (Belief in the Right to Bear Arms)
Pro-Limited Government (Belief that Less Government = more Personal Individual Freedom)
For Low taxes (Belief that Lower Taxes also = more Freedom. The individual who earns an income should be entrusted with their own money - not the government deciding how to spend the money an individual earns.)

Congressional Districts Map

Click below for an online Voter Guide of KY Congressional Candidates

2020 Election Calendar

Click here and then go to "2020 Election Calendar"

Main Deadlines for 2020 Election Cycle
All deadlines are past already.

US Senators (KY)

US Congressmen (KY) (All are up for re-election)

Kentucky State Senators (Even number districts are up for re-election)

Kentucky Representatives (all are up for re-election)

Louisville Metro Council (Even number districts are up for re-election in 2020, odd districts in 2022)

You can also go to Ballotpedia for their entry on Kentucky elections